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  • mendy lane

what is home?

home[hōm]NOUN the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

an incredible word. a simple word. a word not given enough definition. have you ever thought about what home means to you? home can mean many things. comfort. constant. safety. security. love. home is supposed to be where the heart is...and it is. but what if you lose your place at home along the way? what if the most sacred and special place to you on all the earth becomes the most foreign to you? one step, one decision in our youth becomes the biggest, longest "sentence" of our adult lives. when your heart is broken, how do you mend it? how do you trust the home that broke you? how do you leave those behind that promised to be your home? how do you find home again? as we go through life, these questions are learned by trial and error. you really do not know how to navigate these events in your life until you have already lived them. why do we live them? we hope there is a purpose. we hope it is worth it in the end. at almost 40 years old (proudly) I am just getting started understanding all the questions i have proposed today. they are not talked about amongst us. no one talks about the stages of life how incredibly important home is to each stage. our perspective of home changes over the course of time but it has one common denominator. it grounds us as human beings. it grounds our curious minds and longing hearts. we all need a place within ourselves, a place in this world to call home. It's good to be home.

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